The benefits of e-learning courses

Most businesses agree that competent employees contribute to their success, not to mention ensuring compliance with legal requirements regarding mandatory training. However, in an increasingly busy world,   ensuring employees receive the training needed to contribute to this competency can be difficult.

Whilst there can sometimes be no alternative to a face to face session with an engaging and knowledgeable trainer, on occasion e-learning courses may provide a viable solution for businesses seeking to ensure staff are trained effectively to the right level without sacrificing time out of the business for extended periods.

Are all courses the same?

There are a number of providers offering a wide range of courses online and for varied prices. If you are going to invest in e-learning, it is worth considering the quality of the training packages available. Ask questions such as:

  • Does the course use a variety of training methods to really engage learners?
  • Will it provide delegates with a quality learning experience so that they are gaining knowledge and skills which they will retain and use to benefit my business in the future?
  • Does the course developer have a track record of providing quality training materials?
  • Do I need an accredited qualification, such as a Level 2? e-learning courses will usually provide an accredited qualification, as learners will need to sit a formal exam, such as at a course provider’s venue.

We work with Highfield Qualifications, a well established and respected awarding organisation, as their suite of e-learning courses are designed to be engaging and informative for learners. Courses are split into modules consisting of video presentations, exercises and reading panes and can be worked through by students at their own pace. Each module concludes with multiple choice questions which must be answered correctly to proceed to the next module. Each course is accompanied by an online text to aid students in their studies. As the courses are produced by Highfield Qualifications, they are ideal preparation for students who wish to take the formal exam (held at our premises) in order to gain an accredited qualification.

Find out more

For more information regarding the e-learning options we offer, please visit our information page. If you’d like to discuss the available options, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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