With effect from 6th April 2022, the Personal Protective Equipment at Work (Amendment) Regulations 2022 come into force and amend the 1992 Regulations.

What are the changes?

Duties of employers and contracted employees are unchanged, but under the 1992 regulations, employees who have a more casual employment relationship are not covered (classed as limb (b) workers). This meant that employers did not have the same legal duties towards them as their contracted employees, e.g. to supply PPE where identified as required by means of a risk assessment. The new regulations extend to cover these workers, so employers must consider whether the extended scope will impact on their workplace. If so, by 6th April measures must be put in place to ensure both employers and those who fall under the category of limb (b) workers comply with the requirements.

Full details and further guidance can be found on the HSE’s website.

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