New training launched

Following the HSE’s announcement last year that employers may wish to consider including items designed to manage catastrophic bleeds in their workplace kits such as tourniquets and haemostatic dressings, we launched a brand new training course earlier this year. This very practical course has been designed to either be delivered as an “add on” to a first aid course or, where employers have assessed it is required, as a stand-alone three hour course, allowing delegates ample opportunities to practice the skills learnt. It is ideally suited to high-risk work environments, such as where heavy duty machinery is used.

Putting the use of pressure dressings, tourniquets and haemostatic dressings into practice

We recently delivered two very successful courses to the facilities staff of the Galleries shopping centre in Washington. The interactive course covered topics such as:

  • Identifying a catastrophic bleed
  • Correct application of tourniquets
  • Correct application of pressure dressings
  • Characteristics and use of haemostatic dressings.

Students were able to practice the use of appropriate dressings in several scenarios to treat a variety of catastrophic bleed injuries, providing them with the skills and knowledge to manage an emergency situation effectively.

Feedback from the attendees was positive, with comments such as “a very interesting course with lots of activities” and “I really enjoyed this course, very beneficial, very well presented.”

One delegate summed up the feelings of many well by saying: “I hope I don’t have to use the skills from this course in my working life, but great knowledge to have.” Having the practical skills and confidence to be able to act effectively when someone is injured or taken ill is the cornerstone of any first aid training.

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