Whilst the laws surrounding the use of asbestos have been in place for many years now, any building built before 2000 could still contain it. If the material is in good condition, it is not a problem, however if asbestos containing material is disturbed and the fibres released then it poses a significant risk to health. To reduce the risk of exposure to asbestos fibres, anyone who is likely to come into contact with asbestos during the course of their work should receive asbestos awareness training.

Asbestos Awareness e-learning

We now offer a short e-learning Asbestos Awareness course which  covers:

  • What asbestos is
  • Where is can be found
  • Asbestos related death
  • Health implications of asbestos exposure
  • Working with asbestos
  • Preventing accidental asbestos exposure.
Duration & assessment

The course usually takes 1-2 hours so is ideal for those looking for refresher training and who may not be able to release several employees at once for a classroom session. It would also be suitable to sit alongside other health and safety courses as part of an ongoing in-house training programme.

The course is assessed using multiple choice questions and upon successfully finishing, learners can download a certificate of completion.

Costs and finding out more

The cost of the course is £15 + VAT per person, as are all of our other short e-learning courses such as Manual Handling Awareness. If you’d like to book this or any other e-learning training or discuss your training requirements, please call us on 0191 5022515 or email admin@hsftraining.co.uk.