What would you do?

Take a few seconds to consider the potential impact to your business if you did nothing to help when an employee cut their hand badly and needed stitches: imagine the bad publicity, the downtime, the financial costs, not to mention the moral implications which could affect personnel at all levels of the business.

You wouldn’t ignore the injury and expect the employee to continue to work as normal, you would give them immediate first aid and send them to the hospital. A responsible employer would also revisit their risk assessment and put in measures to reduce the likelihood of the cut happening to others and also to help the employee to return to work as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Mental health in the workplace

Applying the same principles towards mental health well being by ensuring you provide a caring and positive workplace culture which actively listens and responds to  employees’ emotional needs will help everyone to fulfil their potential. Having trained personnel to recognise, talk to and signpost those who need it to get the right help in a timely way, along with implementing planned and effective workplace strategies to assist those who require them, will help people thrive in both their personal and work life and that can only be good for business.

Paying more attention to our own and others mental well being is one of the reasons why it’s been such a productive and important summer here at HSF Training Ltd, as our efforts have been pumped into developing all our trainers’ and associates’ knowledge and experience and expanding our portfolio of training courses on offer to include first aid for mental health.

As well as  helping us to identify the importance of ensuring our own and colleagues’ mental health well being and developing our workplace strategies to help those who may need them, it means our trainers are better equipped to recognise potential issues which learners attending our courses may have, start a conversation and signpost them to help.

Regulated training

We are also delighted to be able to offer regulated courses at levels 1, 2 and 3 in First Aid for Mental Health at Work. Course details can be found here.

The Level 3 course is mainly aimed at those who hold a supervisory/managerial level position and who have responsibility for implementing a positive mental health culture and responsibility for First Aid for Mental Health within an organisation, whilst the Level 1 and Level 2 courses are suitable for everyone. We would encourage businesses to ensure as many personnel as possible are given the opportunity to attend one or other of these courses, as having personnel within your business who can help promote a positive mental health culture will pay dividends.

A caring and positive workplace culture which actively listens and responds to  employees’ emotional needs will help everyone to fulfil their potential.

We can come to you to deliver these courses at your workplace if that suits you best. We have also scheduled a number of open courses to be delivered at our training rooms. Please get in touch for more details and to discuss your needs.