Food allergies and intolerances can have a serious impact on consumers and in some cases can even be fatal. This Level 3 Allergen Management training course is aimed at all those responsible for the purchase, delivery, production and serving of food in the catering industry, as well as those who own or manage small catering businesses.

This course will provide candidates with knowledge relating to the control of food ingredients, including allergens, at all stages of food purchase and production, as well as the process for ensuring accurate ingredient information is available for customers at point of sale and service.

The topics covered by this course are regarded by the Food Standards Agency as being important to maintaining good practice in the production of safe food. Allergy UK also support the course, regarding it as suitable training for staff of catering businesses who wish to apply for the Allergy Aware Scheme.Level 3 Allergen Management Training

The Level 3 Award in Food Allergen Management in Catering course will be especially useful in view of the requirement for caterers to provide clear and accurate information regarding all the ingredients in food they sell, which came into force in 2014.

Course content:

  • The different roles in ensuring that food ingredients and allergens are effectively managed
  • The characteristics of food allergies and food intolerances
  • Procedures relating to the accurate communication of ingredient information, from supplier to customer
  • Hygiene considerations with regards to allergen and ingredient control
  • Procedures relating to the control of contamination and cross-contamination of allergenic ingredients.

This course is delivered at your premises. Please contact us for further details.

In addition to Level 3 Allergen Management training for key personnel, you may wish to consider the Level 2 Award in Food Allergen Awareness and Control in Catering for all staff members or why not contact us about a bespoke allergen awareness training course, designed to suit the needs of your business?

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